Any PDF to DWG Converter

Turn portable docs into files that can be edited via AutoCAD


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  • Version 2020
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  • Works under: Windows 95
  • Program available in English
  • Program by AnyDWG

Any PDF to DWG Converter is a tool that can transform PDF documents into files that you can open and manipulate in a CAD environment.

As the name suggest, Any PDF to DWG Converter is a tool that can take any PDF document and convert it into a DWG file. It can also convert to the DXF format and both DWG and DXF are used in AutoCAD and other CAD systems. Any PDF means that it doesn’t matter if the PDF was created with an Adobe tool or outputted or converted via another program, such as Excel.

It’s important to note that Any PDF to DWG Converter doesn’t require AutoCAD or any other CAD program. It also doesn’t require Acrobat or any other Adobe software. That means that it’s truly standalone and can convert these files in a very low-cost manner.

Any PDF to DWG Converter handles multi-page PDF documents just as fast and easily as it handles single-page PDFs. It converts the entire PDF by default, but you can also set it to convert a range or ranges of pages. You can actually convert and output pages independently into separate DWG or DXF files.

Any PDF to DWG Converter converts scanned PDF documents, such as image PDF or raster PDF, without the need for raster-to-vector software. The program automatically generates vector objects, such as arcs, circles, hatches, lines, polylines, and splines. It handles Intelligent TrueType texts as well as line width recognition. It also retains all colors in a PDF in the outputted DWG or DXF file.

Although Any PDF to DWG Converter can convert one file at a time, it also handles batch conversions. It converts fast and accurately, and you can let the batch run in unattended fashion. You can set options on a per-file basis, on a group of files within the batch or on the entire batch. You can also direct the program to a folder and have it recursively search that folder and all subfolders to discover PDF documents that it will then automatically convert based on your provided settings.

The user interface gets the job done but is a bit basic. It would be nice if it supported drag and drop or perhaps provided Explorer integration. In terms of performance, Any PDF to DWG is usually superb, but it is less effective with scanned PDFs than other PDF documents. This is particularly true with PDFs that include hand drawings, and results can vary wildly with those types of files.


  • Converts any PDF to DWG or DXF format
  • Batch conversions
  • Doesn’t require AutoCAD or another CAD system


  • Basic user interface
  • Inconsistent performance with scanned PDF documents
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